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Taking a proactive approach to recruitment: recruitment versus head-hunting

There was a time when any job vacancy was inundated with potential recruits. Now, the market is finding it difficult to find the right people for a role. Or you might be receiving far too many applications that aren’t quite right for what the role entails. If that’s what you’re experiencing it might be time to take a proactive approach to recruitment.

Proactive and reactive recruitment: what’s the difference?

If we take the latter first, as reactive recruitment is what we all think about when it comes to filling our job vacancies. A need to fill a role is created, a job advert is set up and you await applications to take through the recruitment process.

Proactive recruitment is focused on finding candidates for your company either before you need them or by researching potential employees and inviting them to apply. Also known as head-hunting. A term we’ll all be aware of but something we might not ask our recruitment consultant to do for us.

Headhunting: our consultative approach

At Good Egg Recruitment, we take both a proactive and reactive approach to recruitment. Either approach sees us apply a consultative approach to your vacancies. By this, we mean that we invest time in getting to know the key roles you need to fill and the difference they could make to your business. During our discussions, we need to understand your overall business objectives as well as what you want from this role and the new recruit. It is also important for us to understand your company culture and what type of person would fit in well.

These discussions allow us to create/refine a job brief which we can then use to headhunt. Our discussions with you combined with our industry knowledge enables us to find potential candidates. These might be candidates who hadn’t previously considered moving to a new role. And we’ll make an introduction to these potential candidates with the same considered approach we take to everything.

We want to assure prospective candidates that we’re genuinely interested and not sending automated messages. Good Egg Recruitment then take the time to have a meeting with a potential candidate that is also in-depth, we’ve seen their profile or CV online but want to know more about their goals, motivations and aspirations and what they consider a good company fit.

This investment in both employer and candidate is what sets us apart and enables us to find those good eggs. If you’re finding that the typical recruitment approach isn’t working for you then investing in a recruitment consultancy might be worth considering.

Take a proactive approach with Good Egg

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to your recruitment then get in touch with Nicola or Annette We are here to help and ready to take the time to invest in you and the key roles you need to fill.

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