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When and why to invest in a recruitment consultancy?

When you are the owner or director of a small to medium-sized business, you have to wear many ‘hats’ alongside the day job. Recruitment and staffing can be one of these. And we all know that finding ‘good eggs’ is not a straightforward task. That’s when knowing when and why to invest in a recruitment consultancy is important. A good recruitment consultancy, like ourselves, can become an extension of your team that you can switch on or off depending on the jobs that you need to fill.

What can a good recruitment consultancy help me with?

1.       A wider pool of candidates

While we don’t necessarily have a little black book of candidates, we do have a database of candidates and we do receive new CVs regularly. We also have built up relationships with candidates and have an inkling of when they are ready for a new role and what they are looking for. Not only that but we also have the time to headhunt and form new connections, something that you might not have the space to do!

2.       Market knowledge and expertise

Another key advantage to consider when investing in a recruitment consultancy is our market knowledge and expertise. We work in a variety of different sectors and know the nuances of hiring within each. This can range from the availability of skills out there to the optimum salary range for the expertise you need. We can add an extra layer of critical thinking to your recruitment process.

3.       Giving you your time back

One of the major advantages of working with a recruitment consultancy is that we can give you your time back. Recruitment is not a quick and easy process. It takes time and money to advertise, screen CVs and then to conduct interviews. And that is time that you could be spending on your primary role rather than diluting yourself.

4.       Qualifying potential candidates

Another key advantage is that we can talk far more candidly to candidates than you might be able to.  We get to know them thoroughly before we even introduce their details to you. This is so we know where they are with their job hunting, the type of role they are interested in and the culture fit required. It means we’re going to put a succinct shortlist of candidates in front of you than you would get from advertising alone.

How does Good Egg overcome some of the fears of investing in a recruitment consultancy?

If you’re still wondering about why to invest in a recruitment consultancy then we also need to alleviate some of the fears too. We’re conscious that businesses can find the fees off-putting but we’d ask you to consider what a successful employee adds to your organisation? And what the ROI in terms of your recouped time alone would mean? We’re all in business to make a profit but our ethos is about helping and finding ‘good eggs’. We’re committed to getting to know you and our pool of candidates to put the right people together.

And that’s another worry we can overcome as a recruitment consultancy. We take the time to invest in you. Not only that but, we will meet with you face to face, virtually, be on hand for calls and emails to learn about you and your business. We won’t quickly fire over CVs without several conversations with you first. It is important to us to put together a strategy so that we become an extension of your team rather than a third-party resource.

Best of all, an initial chat or conversation with us is completely free of charge and without obligation to move forward. We aren’t in the business of hard selling and won’t pester you if you aren’t interested. If you do move forward with us, then we will keep in touch regularly to ensure we get you the good eggs you need. Why not book that initial chat by emailing or ?

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