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How to find a new job!

We’re approaching the end of the year and with that comes natural reflection. You might find that the reflection results in it being time to find a new job. However, if it has been a while since you last looked then you might need a few pointers in what to do. Don’t worry, we have some advice that will help.

What’s your next job role?

If you’ve been reflecting on it being the right time to find a new job then it might be because you are looking for a different role. Or, you want to be challenged further and are looking for the next step in the career ladder. Either way, it can be an advantage to think about what job/s that might be and in which sector. You might also want to look at what values you want to see in an organisation to help you filter your search.

If you have been out of the job search for a while, then we’d recommend doing some job analysis. By that, we mean what are the roles you would like to apply for asking for. This is in terms of: skills, responsibilities, benefits and salary. This will help you understand whether your new role is one where you can hit the ground running or more of a development move. Both are valid and simply depend on where you are in your career.

Tailoring your CV and cover letter

If you have an idea or several different types of jobs you’d like to apply for then you are ready for the next step. And one thing that will stand you in good stead for applying is tailoring your CV and cover letter. While some roles might need less tailoring, the more you move up the ladder the more we would recommend adapting your CV for each role.

For your cover letter, this is an opportunity to show your personality. And how your personality and values are a good fit for the organisation. Highlight what you want to get out of the role. Plus talk about what you can bring to that and the company’s wider team. We’d always recommend that you get someone else to have a read over for a sense check too. And tools such as grammarly can be lifesavers for a spell check!

Knowing where to look for a new job

The final part of finding a new job but perhaps the trickiest of all. While you might have done some job research to see what is out there, finding jobs to apply for isn’t quite the same thing. There are many places to look for a job and some of our tips include:

– Checking your existing networks, is anyone you know hiring?

– LinkedIn also has a job search facility which allows you to set job alerts too

Facebook can also be a great way to find jobs. It is great if you are looking for work in retail or logistics

– If you’re just starting your career than places such as Prospects or even your college or university can be a great place to find your next role.

Finally, if you’re not sure how to find a new job then working with a recruitment consultancy like ourselves can make the process easier. We offer tips on tailoring your CV as well as help preparing you for your interview. You can see the jobs we are currently recruiting for on our website. If you think that one of those sounds like your next job then get in touch with Nicola at or Annette at

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