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What to think about when promoting your job opportunities?

Promoting your job opportunities seems, on the face of it, straightforward. Write the ad, advertise the job, wait for applications to roll in. If you’re lucky enough to work for a well-known organisation or are advertising for a popular position then that might be the case. For other businesses, there is a need to be more considered when it comes to promoting your job opportunities.

First things first: reviewing your employer brand and employer value proposition

You might be thinking that employer branding and employer value propositions aren’t for an organisation your size. We briefly spoke about the importance of promoting the benefits of your organisation in a recent post on resetting your recruitment. But to expand on that further this is more nuanced than the brand you present to your customers. While it will draw inspiration from your brand values, we’d recommend looking at the 4 Ps of employer brand (our adaptation inspired by the marketing mix):

– Pay

– People

– Process

– Purpose

And answer the 5Ws (who, what, where, why, when) of each element. You might even take it further and see what employees and candidates say around expectations of your organisation, how satisfied they are as well as if they are engaged in your business and loyal to it too.

From this, you can develop your employer value proposition. This should bring together your purpose, mission, and culture alongside the things we’ve come to expect such as work-life balance, career development and remuneration!

Including your employer brand and employer value proposition into your recruitment campaign will help applicants understand if they are right for you and vice versa. It can help filter potential candidates before they even submit a CV, as highlighted by The Muse, and that’s why spending time on this area is important. Getting it right can improve the recruitment process for you as well as candidates.

The second step: where to promote your job opportunities?

Once you’re happy that you have the way forward with your employer brand and employer value proposition in place the next step is turn this into a job post and promote. But where should you promote your opportunities?

There are many, many (many!) places to promote your job opportunities, but how do you know which one will work for you? This is where it can get more complicated. As not all roles in your organisation may work across all forms of advertising. A job for a graduate might be better placed on Indeed over a senior management position being advertised on LinkedIn. Aiming to place your job posting where your potential candidates will be looking is the best approach. This is where working with a recruitment consultancy, such as ourselves can help.

The benefits of working with a recruitment consultancy to promote your job opportunities.

A recruitment consultancy like Good Egg Recruitment takes the time to get to know what you need, what you can offer and the type of candidates you’d like to attract. Everything that ties into your employer value proposition. We also have many years of experience working in the recruitment arena headhunting talent as well advertising opportunities and an understanding of what type of job advert will connect and most importantly where.

This is where we can save you time and money in promoting your opportunities. As we work daily in the recruitment market, we have our own personal networks as well as licences to search and approach potential talent. Not only can we reach a wide audience, we also have candidates actively coming to us looking for their next move.

If you’re still not convinced then why not give Nicola or Annette a call on 07715 308651 or email or

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