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I’m thinking about switching jobs, is the time right?

So, you’re thinking about switching jobs but how far along in the thought process are you? And why does that matter? Well, it might be that you’ve had a bad day in the office and the thought of changing jobs pops into your head. If that’s the case, we’d recommend seeing how the next day goes and then thinking more deeply about switching jobs.

Is the time right for you?

If you’re still thinking about switching jobs or the thought has been circulating in your mind for a while then it is time to consider things in more detail. Understanding why you want to switch can help inform your next move.

Are you no longer happy in your current team/company? It might be that you’re enjoying less and less about your current role than you used to. If that’s the case delving into why that is will be important. Is it a change in culture in the organisation? A change of direction? Or do you feel you aren’t growing?

Is there no longer any career development? You might have had a fantastic few years in your current role but are now feeling you’ve reached the limit of the job. Or it might be that there aren’t any roles opening up above you to apply for?

Those are the two main trains of thought that we find candidates discussing with us. There are, of course, wider conversations around both such as stress levels, work/life balance as well as personal goals. But if you’re thinking in-depth – and talking to confidantes about either – then it is likely to be the right time to look at switching jobs.

If the time is right, what are your next steps?

Finding what feels like the right next job for you might be even more difficult than making the decision to switch. Understanding what you want from a role and your next company is essential to filter out those ‘possible’ jobs. We’d also recommend setting aside time to regularly search the optimum careers sites for you whether that’s LinkedIn, Indeed or a general Google search.

How to stand our when switching jobs and applying for a new role

If you’ve not switched jobs since pre-pandemic times then you’d be forgiven for not knowing the current state of the recruitment market. We’re in the unprecedented position of low unemployment but a high-level of vacancies.

As a job-seeker you might see that and think brilliant and that it’s easier to find a job. However, there are things to consider to find the right position for you. There maybe a lot of job opportunities out there, once you have filtered the right opportunities we recommend you apply with a tailored CV and cover letter.

Where else to go for help switching jobs

Speaking to a recruitment consultancy can also help. And we promise we’re not just saying that! As recruiters, we understand the employment market from both sides. We can help you understand where your skills might transfer or work out what your next career move might look like.

If you’re ready to start switching jobs, have a look at what we’re currently recruiting for

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