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On-Line Applications

We’ve had the pleasure of doing what we love this week, discussing brilliant opportunities with great people. Throughout our conversations it was clear that applying for roles on-line can be a full-time job! Just in case anyone is new to this and is unsure of where to start, we thought this checklist may be useful.
Keep a record of all applications made and what appealed to you about the role.
Highlight the areas on the Job Description that match your skills and experience.
Compose a cover letter/note for each application, detailing why you would be a great candidate.
When having a telephone/video discussion about the role remember this is often the first stage of the application process, prepare as you would for a face-to-face interview.
Don’t forget to follow up applications.
We love to help so if you’d like any more information then please call us on 02476 596822.

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