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Writing a clear and engaging CV is crucial for landing that interview. Have a standard template but do tailor it to each individual role you are applying for. Here are our simple steps for writing your CV:

Personal details – Make sure to include your name, address, and contact details.

Personal statement – Highlight your value to the employer and show your future ambitions.

Work experience – Starting with your most recent employment, use the job titles, employer name and dates (including month and year) of employment as the title for each. List key duties, achievements and software/hardware used. Explain periods of unemployment/raising a family/travelling etc. Go right back to your first job even if it was a long time ago (you can keep details of these roles brief).

Qualifications and education – Starting with your highest qualification first. Include where you studied, level of qualification and grade awarded.

Hobbies and interests – Show skills which you have developed in your own time which will prove valuable in the role.

References – No need to list these, just write ‘References available upon request’

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